Curated for Automotive Businesses and Events

CurvaGrandeCoffee events gives automotive businesses and events a chance to provide their customers with a premium coffee experience without the hassle and expense.

Coffee gets talked about, coffee is a common shared experience, coffee can set the tone for the day or a perception of a venue.

We are a group of car enthusiasts and our time deeply rooted in Car Culture. We noticed that buying a coffee is often the first thing people do when they arrive at any event.

All we ask ourselves is: "Please let the coffee be good". With CurvaGrande Coffee everyone knows it will be.

We only serve premium coffee and this is one of the best

The legendary V8 is strong, powerful and always leaves you wanting more, just like this sublime espresso blend. The creamy chocolate body comes from Brazil and the complimenting fruity acidities come straight from Nicaragua.

A perfectly balanced yet intoxicating blend of power and performance.

Varietal- Bourbon, Lempira, Rubi, Catuai Region- Brazil (South America), Guatemala (South America), and Nicaragua (central America),

Tasting Notes- Creamy, Chocolate, Deeply Fruited Processing- Washed- Wet Hulled

All our Beans are the finest quality specialty coffee freshly hand roasted to perfection by artisans for an experience you will love.


CURVAGRANDECOFFEE AND CARS - The Perfect combination.

CurvaGrandeCoffee was born out of a passion for driving, friendship and the finest specialty grade coffees. We put the three together to create Curva Grande Coffee.

We are a social brand that are all about the journey. We believe it's how you get there, making friends and stopping to share in that perfect moment. We love those quiet few minutes brewing a perfect coffee before getting ready to go out on an adventure whether it's a drive in the country or a track day.

CurvaGrande are curators of the finest specialty coffees just for Petrolheads. This means our coffee is rated as the top 20% of the coffees in the world. Our coffees are hand picked, hand washed, dried, roasted, refined and packed. It's an incredible commitment to ensure the finest quality reaches our customers.

Come and join us on the journey!

  • Proveeda
    We have wanted to host a car meet here at Proveeda for a while now, and we thought why not combine it with our annual fundraising event? After a few weeks of planning, we had an excellent roster of cars ready to arrive on a cold December morning ❄️ We want to give @curvagrandecoffees a very big thank you for supplying everyone with hot drinks & treats. If you’re in to cars, go check out their car inspired coffee ☕️ We also want to thank everyone that turned up and everyone that has donated! We are raising money for a wonderful cause. @togetherforshortlives ensures seriously ill children and their families can make the most of every moment they have together. This car meet was our first, but certainly won’t be our last?


1What does it cost to have CurvaGrandeCoffee attend?
There is no cost to the organiser. We sell our coffee at a fair price to attendees. If you would like to offer complimentary coffees we can invoice the business directly.
2Do you have a minimum criteria?
We ask for at least 100 attendees and the premises should be approximately 1.5hrs from London. Please get in touch to discuss specifics.
3Do you bring your own equipment?
Yes. We just need power, water, a sink and Ideally an indoor location.
4Can we do multiple events in a year?
5What's in it for us?
An excuse to reconnect with your customers, a chance for your customers to share stories and the opportunity for everyone to have a great time(and an incredible coffee).